The problems of texting and driving

Serenity E


Some people believe that a text or tweet can’t wait until they park, or at home. Most people, over 40% to be exact, get into accidents just because they “have” to answer a text that can wait. There are people that know the dangers of texting and driving, and they say things like, “This could never happen to me,” or “I’ve driven long enough to text and drive.” The thing is that anything can happen at any time. Texting and driving can ruin lives. It seems like people don’t understand how their parents would feel if they were seriously hurt or worse. There are families who share their experiences with a family member, even their own children when it came to their deaths. Just know that the law is there to protect us. Ignoring a text for a few minutes can save someone’s life.


This writing is about teens that text and drive and people’s experiences. Hopefully, people will change their ways when it comes to the read.