Reckless Driving

Suhail N

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Reckless driving is a serious thing and kills a lot of teens every year. You can kill someone and end your life while your driving reckless. My cousin got into a car accident while driving reckless and almost hit a person but luckily hit a street light instead. He could’ve hit the person and ended their life and his. He swore he would never drive reckless in any way ever again and will remember what happened that day every time he drives. After hearing what happened with my cousin I imagined i was in his shoes that moment and after that I never drove reckless no matter who tells me too for any reason, I would suggest for people to hear out stories from other reckless drivers incidents and how his life was thrown away. It will truly change the way you think about driving and you would probably never drive reckless again. I have talked to some people amd friends I know that drive reckless and I’ve got them to drive as safe as possible. You can get tickets, suspended license and many more things taken from you if u drive reckless. All in all, reckless driving is not a good thing to do because it can cause other people’s life and yours.