Distracted Driving

Linh P

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Everyday people wake up and they think they’ll see their friends at school or work. But then one incident changes all that. They’re distracted on their phone or doing something while their driving. Then, BAM! They hit another car and then that’s it. They might not ever see their friends again. That’s what Nicole thought about distracted driving. Every day she turned her phone completely off when she got in the car and then put it in her backpack. She put it in the back of her car and left it there until she got to her school. After school her best friend, Chloe, asks,”Why do you do that all the time? It’s so much of a hassle and people will probably call or text you.” Nicole replies,”Well I don’t want to hit someone else if I’m driving distracted. Plus I don’t really care if people call or text me I can just get back to them another time.” Chloe protests and keeps on saying that Nicole has to have her phone out. Later, before Nicole drops Chloe off Chloe says,”If you don’t have your phone out while you drive and throw it in your backpack instead, I’m going to throw away our friendship like that phone.” That night Nicole thought,”Be safe and live while losing a friend? Or hurt myself and others keeping a friend?” Then the next day she decided. She went up to Chloe and said,”Sorry but I’d much rather live safely, and not be your friend, than hurt myself and others. Chloe said,”You made the right choice, you should always value yourself and others more than anything else including the cost of a friend.” “Then that means. . .”Nicole said. “Yep, I was testing you. You should never hesitate to make that choice even if it means losing a friend. I wouldn’t be surprised at your response if I actually meant it,”Chloe said. From that day on, Nicole knew that she wouldn’t hesitate to save herself and others, at the cost of something very dear to her.