Striving to End Distracted Driving

Aniah K

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Person (P): I’m Just a person in my car and I’m driving very far. *Phone rings* Devil (D): *Mwahaha* Ring Ring answer it, driving cancel it. Angel (A): *Angel sound* If you want to live than you better not answer it. Come on now, don’t you know better distracted driving is an upsetter. D: Answer the phone, before you get home! A: Imagine this, all is bliss, you pick up your phone and join the 24 percent. D: Ok so you don’t but I bet you won’t… *Snapchat notification sound* D: Answer that snap before there’s a mishap. A: It’s not urgent, be observant. D: Feel that vibration check that notification. A: Observe your phone, and you’ll have a gravestone. Please be cautious! P: I wish it was easier to decide, but then I realize I need to survive. At first I hesitate but it can wait. Distracted driving could lead to bad fate. I can answer the phone when I get home. I don’t wanna zoom to an operating room. Driving driving I am striving just reviving thoughts about distracted driving.