Striving to End Distracted Driving

Aniah K


Person (P): I’m Just a person in my car and I’m driving very far. *Phone rings* Devil (D): *Mwahaha* Ring Ring answer it, driving cancel it. Angel (A): *Angel sound* If you want to live than you better not answer it. Come on now, don’t you know better distracted driving is an upsetter. D: Answer the phone, before you get home! A: Imagine this, all is bliss, you pick up your phone and join the 24 percent. D: Ok so you don’t but I bet you won’t… *Snapchat notification sound* D: Answer that snap before there’s a mishap. A: It’s not urgent, be observant. D: Feel that vibration check that notification. A: Observe your phone, and you’ll have a gravestone. Please be cautious! P: I wish it was easier to decide, but then I realize I need to survive. At first I hesitate but it can wait. Distracted driving could lead to bad fate. I can answer the phone when I get home. I don’t wanna zoom to an operating room. Driving driving I am striving just reviving thoughts about distracted driving.


This play takes place in a car. During the play someone is driving, but in their head they debate things. During the debate there is an angel on one shoulder, and a devil on the other shoulder. It is in a rhythmic format so that it is easy to remember why distracted driving is so bad. The devil represents the part within us that is telling us it is ok, and that we shouldn’t worry because we are only using our phones. The angel represents the part deep within us that is reminding us not to do what we know is bad.