Jenny C

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“Get out here!” That’s your friend, yelling at you from your driveway in that brand new car he got for his birthday a few weeks ago. You say goodbye to your parents and hop in to go and pick up your friends so y’all can finally go to the state fair. He’s blasting Summer Nights by Lil Rob and y’all are living life, with the windows rolled down just enough that you feel the crisp air flowing through your hair. Life is great. You’re with the people you love, the friends you’ve known since you met that one day back in the science room when you were 10. And suddenly, it’s gone. Your friend decided to try and text his buddies back about the new game he just bought, unaware of the stalled truck in front of him. He’s next to you, but he’s not really there. His eyes are glazed over, his forehead gleaming with the crimson blood trickling down his face. Your best friend is passed out in the seat behind you, unconscious, but alive. His however, is not. He’s nowhere to be found and the windshield is out, You dial 911 and tell them you were in an accident, but your voice sounds foreign to you. Next thing you know, you’re in a bed. The harsh white light from the fluorescent bulb is flickering, and you hear someone sobbing. Your best friend is the only one in the room apart from a single doctor. All you can hear is your best friend crying, trying her best to keep quiet so as to not wake you up. There are two other beds in the room, but they’re empty, save for a couple of bags filled with red-stained clothing. And that’s when it hits you. They’re gone. Was the text really worth it? Think before texting and driving. It could save your life and your loved ones’ too.