A day in the life

savannah k

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Josh enters his car, and begins to drive in his cruiser. He merges his way onto I-95. Then, as he looks to get off the highway, car races right past him. Josh chases after the car, the car continues to speed, now racing at 120 mph. Suddenly, the car stops, turning sideways. The police cruiser flips over the car and lands upside down on the other side of th3e highway. Three more cars crash into the police cruiser. The final death count is 6 people. 3 adults, 2 teenagers, and a baby all driven off the highway in bodybags. The price of reckless driving is severe. If that car had not insisted on racing the police cruiser, seven people would not have tragically lost their lives. Reckless driving is fatal. Think before you act. Your actions have ramifications.