Tragedies Have To Stop

Amelia L

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Car wrecks have been the leading cause in teenager deaths for quite some time now. Careless driving, distracted driving, and inexperienced driving has all resulted in deaths from cars. Nearly 1.3 million people die in car wrecks every year, on average 3,287 deaths per day. Tragic deaths have to stop, and there just might be a solution. Cameras can be put in all over the country to clock speed on cars, if enough people are mailed tickets for speeding, more people just might drive safer and slower. Many cars have bluetooth anymore, so once a car is in drive then the phone should go into a “no disturb” mode, where you can not activate that phone until your car is put back in park. So many crashes are caused by people getting distracted from the road by looking at their phone. Enough is enough, deaths by reckless and distracting driving has to stop. There are solutions, its up to America if we want to stop it.