Drive Safe You Have Someone That Loves You

Hannah S

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That car crash you saw on your way home from work killed a mother of four and a daughter. They were on their way to a high school football game when a distracted driver t-boned them in the intersection killing them on impact. You drove by not thinking anything of it. What if that was you and you son or daughter or your wife or husband? That is your whole world. Imagine how broken their family was not coming home to see your wife and daughter. The kids coming home from school and not seeing there sister and their mom. All this trama and hurt because one person could bother to wait to answer that text or that phone call. Distracted driving is such a huge problem that we need a solution for it. No use of cell phones while driving does not stop very many people from driving and using their phones so why not have random check points or have more education on the consequences of distracted driving. This system would make people more cautious and aware of not using their phones while driving, because what if it was them who was in that car crash. Drive safely someone loves you.