What Could Have Happened

Chloe W

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Driving to her grandma’s house Annalee was dreaming about all the treats her Grandma Watson was making. Annalee was a bright young girl, she had just turned 17, and had a bright future ahead of her. The week before she applied for Harvard, it had always been her dream to be a lawyer. She was going fifteen above the speed limit and approaching an intersection, when she got a text from her grandma asking if she wanted a hot fudge sundae or the strawberry cheese cake. Annalee didn’t see the harm in responding, she thought it would only take 5 seconds. While she was distracted for “5 seconds” she didn’t see the pedestrian named Willis walking across the street nor did she see that her light was red. It all felt like slow motion from when she hit the pedestrian to the the traffic crossing the intersection. After she hit the passing car everything sped up twenty times. SLAM! All the surrounded cars abruptly stopped and dialed 911. After about 15 minutes the ambulance came and pronounced Willis dead and the three passengers in the other car in critical condition. Annalee was stuck in her totaled car, also in critical condition. When Annalee was finally able to get out of the car and into a hospital room, the doctor pronounced her brain dead and would die by the next day. If Annalee was more thoughtful this could have happened: As soon as Annalee got into her car she put her phone on silent and threw it in the back seat. It didn’t take too long to get to her Grandma’s house when she got there, opening the door to Grandma Watson’s house she smelt the delectable scent of hot fudge and strawberry cheesecake. “Why did you make both treats” she called out to her grandma. “Since you didn’t answer your phone, I decided I would just make more treats,” Delighted by all the sugar she was about to consume she looked over to an envelope sitting on a counter, with the word Harvard on it, it was addressed to her! She eagerly ripped the envelope and found out she was accepted! If Annalee would have put it on silent and in the backseat, she would have been able to attend Harvard and fulfill her dreams, but she put the message on her phone first This happens way to often on the road, people can wait for you to call or text them back. Next time you hear the ding of your phone while driving, think is this message really worth my future?