The Poem of a Friend or Foe?

Lisa P

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my head throbbed, my heart raced eyes swollen, and bruises the color of paste I see my parents, asleep on the lounge chair how long have they been there? I turnover and see my phone, broken, and laid at waste I see my mom, tears rolling for I hampered her pride I mean her first child almost died memories start to flow in pain and hurt was all within where was my friend? did we coincide? I arrive back home. family all there to reconcile joy filled the room, all their faces filled with a smile but something didn’t feel just right I still haven’t seen my friend. I hope she’s alright “mom where is she? I haven’t seen her in awhile?” fear starts creeping in, I swear we were going somewhere she takes me to a cemetery I start to feel sick. why was this so scary? she points to the ground, “she’s right there.” my heart fell. my whole world comes tumbling down my best friend and now she’s in the ground “mom did I create this mess?” she nods her head and I know that means yes it carries a heavy weight to know she’s not around I return back to school people call me cruel someone screams, “don’t let her drive! you’ll end up dead!” then another shouts, “or you’ll end up behead!” people laugh, snicker. they were rude and I was a fool weeks pass. my license has been taken. I admit I’m still shaken It was reckless. I got distracted on the road. her parents were suing a boatload I didn’t mean to do this. I was mistaken to raise money for her family, I start a campaign there are no advantages to reckless, distracted driving. there is nothing to gain put your phone away. focus on the road not what’s behind you buckle your seatbelt and you’ll get through do not drive distracted. if something were to happen that’d be a shame every moment on the road where you turn or signal or stop. you should be in attention mode It is imperative to be smart, safe, secure do not be a fool like me, be mature for it is one life I am told