A Robotic Solution

Timothy J

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Let’s be honest, the world of robotics is increasing. Ever since small things such as Siri, up to Alexa or an Echo, or even a self checkout. No matter how you look at it, robots are starting to play a bigger role in our world. You know what else is growing, vehicles and driving are growing as well. But do you know what a problem is? Reckless and distracted driving, mostly from teenagers, and another problem that is happening is resources. We are running out of resources to power our cars. Gladly, there is a solution for resources, people are in the process of creating electric cars that will keep us from wasting fuel and to not cause as much pollution as before. Now here is my solution to reckless driving, along with these electric cars, we should create robots that act as chauffeurs to drive and take care of these cars. If there was a robot that was capable of being linked to the car and not only be able to drive it, but also be capable of knowing everything about their cars on how to take care of them and to be able to repair them if any damages were inflicted upon it, it could make the passengers safer and people on the road safer from a possible wreck. And if the robots were made connected together to where they could communicate with other nearby robots in the process of driving, they could keep people safe by communicating together and figure out how avoid a wreck, it would benefit everyone. The thing with us teenagers is that we love to be able to talk with our friends and enjoy a nice road trip, the problem with that is how sometimes we love it too much and up not only hurting ourselves, but also people around us who follow the rules of the road. However, if we were able to get in our vehicles and give an address and location to a robot chauffeur that could safely and time efficiently get us to that location, it would make our trips more enjoyable and safer. Now we would be able to get in the vehicle, give a location, then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the road in a much safer and enjoyable manner. And not only would this help with distracted and reckless driving, but also with other problems such as drinking under influence for example. And this is why I feel that robot chauffeurs would be a helpful invention, they would make driving more relaxing, and help keep everyone safer. This is my idea of an impactful solution to reckless and distracted driving, thank you very much for reading. The End