Isabela G

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Yolanda thinks that today will be one of the best days of her life because she gets to go to the beach with her family, have fun, and create memories. But she is unaware how one small decision will negatively affect her. She is driving home and puts on her favorite song and turns the volume up and her mind is focused on singing but not the road. Her phone rings loud from a text message from her boyfriend, excited she quickly grabs her phone and types back but the loud music makes her ears deaf to the yelling and screams of her family trying to avoid the oncoming traffic due to Yolanda swerving on the opposite side of the traffic. But it was too late. A loud boom is created and silence enters as everyone’s body has hit an object in the car. When she gains conscious she finds herself in an ambulance. Her eyes are looking at the hospital ceiling passing her and her hospital bed enters her room. Yolanda hears similar voices, her family members sobbing, yelling, confused. Is it because she is injured? Does her body have a lot of blood? No. Her family members in the car have passed away along with the passengers from the colliding vehicle that had a father and a daughter who were on their way to a school dance. She didn’t understand how this happened but truth is she was distracted which caused the reckless swerve and she had invested that small amount of time replying to one message that cost her numerous innocent lives. This was a life changing learning moment for Yolanda and she was educated that for this horrific incident to not happen again she needs to always have her eyes on the road and if her phone rings it is okay to not answer in that exact moment because it will result in it being a person’s last day in the world. Music is a norm for people to listen to when driving but high volume can isolate what’s really happening on the road and reckless driving will be resulted. This car incident has left a traumatic impact on Yolanda’s life because now she has to forever deal with the consequences of her actions and live with the fact that without her distraction her close loved ones would still be alive. Do not do reckless driving or put yourself or others in a life-death situation by replying, changing music, looking off the road, or be on your phone. Car incidents can be preventable and everyone is capable of keeping an innocent life from dying unexpectedly.