Future Thrown Away

Morganne G

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Do you remember when you graduated high school? You went off to college, got your masters degree, and found someone who’d you’d end up spending the rest of your life with. You created a family, watched your kids grow into adults, saw them go off to college, and start their own family just like you. You grow old and live a long life. Except that never happened. It was a cold, rainy day and you had plans to meet up with your friends at a cafe. You slept in by accident and had to quickly get ready. Consequently, you ended up running late that day and your friends were blowing up your phone wondering where you were. After pulling on your shoes and running to your car you started on your way to the cafe where you were meeting them. Because you were behind on time you started driving over the speed limit, it’s not like you’ve never done it before. To make sure your friends wouldn’t worry, you picked up your phone to text them back. You texted them a quick response and then went to look at a notification from one of your social media. While you were looking down at your phone you started drifting to the other side of the road, since the roads were slippery from the rain. Before you had a chance to react you lost control of your vehicle and slammed into another car. That day not only did you take your own life, but you killed the girl in the other car, therefore robbing her of her chance at life. You’ll never be able to think back to the day you graduated or start a family because you deemed it more important to check that notification. Human life is more important than a tweet on your phone, drop it and drive.