How To Stop Distracted Driving

Leah D

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How to Stop Distracted Driving Distracted driving is the number 1 way to get killed these days, especially for young children or even young teenagers. Some of the distractions includes being high, drunk, or texting while driving. There are a lot of ways to stop these distractions for distracted drivers and cautious drivers. The first step to stop distracted driving for people who are high on drugs, is to have a friend who is sober to drive the person home, that way there will be no distracted driving. If the driver gets distracted by their friend who is high, they will possibly get a second-hand inhale of the toxic fumes their friend is smoking. The second step to stop distracted driving for people who are drunk, is to either have a friend drive them home, or call a taxi to take them home so they won’t have a wreck and kill themselves or someone else on the road. Drunk driving is a major issue these days, seeing as most drunk drivers can see where they’re going on the road, most of the time getting into the wrong lane, hitting another vehicle head on, causing their own death, or the death of the other vehicular driver who may have family or friends with them in the vehicle. The third step to stop distracted driving for people, especially young teens, texting while driving, is to pass a law to stop texting and driving at the same time to save lives of others. I have seen a lot of teenagers, including adults, text while drive, or use their phone while driving. The best way to stop that is to get either Bluetooth in cars that have it, or turn off their phones while driving, while getting to their next destination safely by not texting and driving or being on a call while driving to their next destination safely.