One Last Text

Aislin H

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The car starts. The music begins to softly play. Its the same as any other day. Today is the day of your eighteenth birthday and you are so excited as you can now do so much. You are meeting your mother for a special meal, just the two of you. The notification sounds. Its a nice day and you are such a good driver that it won’t hurt to check it just this once. After all it just takes a second to check it. Its a text from your Mom. ‘Where are you?’ Of course you were running late because you wanted to look your best for the special day. Deciding it couldn’t hurt to send her a quick reply you begin typing. You don’t see the speed dial soar higher. You don’t see the light switch from yellow to red. Finally looking up you look out your side window and see the truck barreling toward you. There is nothing you can do. You are weightless then as everything slows to a stop. Was it really worth it? That last text to your Mom saying you were almost there? You realize that you won’t ever arrive and time speeds back up again. The glass shatters. Your flung forward. The car spins. You slam forward into the steering wheel and then everything is black. If only you had been paying attention to the road instead of that one last text.