Papa, Papa

Kai B

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Papa, Papa, please don’t change the music. The car is drifting, I can smell the perfume of the woman next to us, just look at the road! Besides, I like this song. Papa, Papa, please don’t reach for your drink. The car in front of us is turning somewhere, you might hit them if you don’t look! Besides, I don’t want to smell your coffee breath. Papa, Papa, please don’t text your friend. I can see the car going faster, the car in front of us growing closer, please just pay attention! Besides, I think that friend is mean. Papa, Papa, please don’t smoke a cigarette. There’s a deer running right next to us, it might swerve into the road, stop taking another drag! Besides, I hate the smell of tobacco smoke. Papa, Papa, please don’t gel your hair. The guy in front of us is sporadic, I think he might be drunk, he’s gonna hit us! Besides, I like your hair the way it is. Papa, Papa, please don’t read the news. You just ran a red light, you’re gonna get pulled over, you might crash into that tree! Besides, I wanna talk about fun stuff. Papa, Papa, please don’t cry. You’ll be with me again someday, and maybe you’ve learned your lesson. Besides, I think Heaven will be nice.