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Mackenzie C

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It has been one day since your family had been notified of your passing. They are still waiting for you to leave your room in the morning. There is one lingering thought in all of their minds; what made you run the red light? They barely eat their breakfast and sit in complete silence, as though they are strangers to each other. Later that day your siblings can hear your mom weeping in her locked bedroom. They are still comprehending your absence from their lives. It has been five days since you have passed. Your family has learned why you ran that red light. You had been on your way to your friends house. You needed to tell your friend you were on your way and while you were texting the light turned red and nobody had time to slam on the breaks. Your family was in shock and slight denial that you did this. They cannot help but wander why that text was more important than your life. Your mom misses your voice, and she wished she could hear you say I love you one more time; you forgot to tell her before you left. Your dad misses your bubbly smile when he would get home from work. Your siblings miss your playful banter on car rides to school; you never texted when they were in the car. Your friends miss your jokes at the lunch table everyday. All of your loved ones keep expecting you to show up, only to be flooded with the grief of your mistake. In the brief moment when you realized that there was a car coming your way, you had a few shocking realizations. You never wanted your life to end like this, you thought the text was harmless. The light was green when you first started texting. You did not realize that a five word text would have such an impact on the people around you. You wish life was like all of the video games, you wish you could hit a reset button. You wish each time you made a mistake there was redo. Now you know that there are no redoes in life. You realized too late that a text could have waited. Most importantly you thought of everyone who you were leaving behind. Your last though before you were crushed was: I love you mom and dad.