S.T.A.R.S.-Striving To Acheive Real Success

Kishayla L

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We all want to see the world change for the better good. Why not start with our teens? Our teens are our future, the one’s to continue our legacy. I feel as those we need to educate our teens more so that we don’t have to bury more of them. Reckless driving is a big issue in our country and we let the issue slide as though it is nothing. The teens aren’t just putting their selves in danger, their others around them in danger as well. No one wants to bury a loved one or visit someone they care about in the hospital. To avoid this I feel as those we need to take action and actually have teens experience what it is like to loose someone they love. My mom once told me it’s called “tough love.” It’s not going to be easy but teens need to actually mentally, and physically know what it’s like. We should open up a Center where teens are out through certain experiences. One experience would use virtual reality to help the child she what a intense or minion car accident is. Ex: A car is coming at full speed towards a car fullof teens in it. The teens are not paying attention because they are playing around with their friends while driving. Boom , they get hit. Only one survives and realizes all their friends are dead and they are paralyzed. Now this is just an example, this would tap into the teens emotions and help them realize or maybe not realize that they loss a lot because they wanted to play around. This is very hard and can effect teens in a different way but the lesson out of this could save lives and benefit our future. This is one experience that could be at this center to educate teens or reckless driving. This center could be what helps many teens realize all the outcomes of reckless driving. If we want to see a change we must act. We have to actually get the teens active and see the change we want.