The number one killer of american teens and how we can stop it

Regan H


The number one killer of teenagers in America is car accidents related to texting while driving. Over the past few years there have been many information classes and seminars held in not only schools but as well as informational videos online to warn parents and teens about the dangers of texting and driving. Not only does it risk your life as car but it also risks the other drivers on the road. Not only is texting and driving a risk so it any other form of distraction to a driver, anything from changing the radio station to turning on the ac to noisy passengers can be a huge distraction and can result in fatal accidents. 25% of car cashes reported in 2015 were a result in injury were related to distractions.


This essay is another way to spread word as well as make aware the dangers of distracted driving, For current drivers or upcoming drivers it is important to understand just how fatal some of these car accidents can be.