Look… Did you see the kid?

Lesly H

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Its Wednesday afternoon, 2:30 pm; school out. Parents are waiting to pick up their kids or maybe the students are walking home. You drive up to the school driveway but stop and noticed your phone because your son/daughter text you saying “I am waiting in the front” so you drive to the front of the school but wait did you even notice that when you stop a car stop as soon as you stop but the car behind hit the rear of the car. Did you notice the students crossing the streets but rush to not pass the red light? That right, you did not notice the students walking and one of them got hurt. If the driver takes at least one second to look both ways, there will be no accident. Parents want their son/daughter to come home because they have not seen them since the morning or they will not be able to experience having a wedding. As a teenager, I want to be able to see my friends each and every day. I have personally witnessed a hit and run, seeing the teenager boy getting flip over by the car make time stop. Even though he was a knowledgeable person to me I still felt something for his family. The parent will never see and hear their son coming home. At my school, we do a scene called, “Every 15 minutes” showing that if you are drunk and driving you can cause problems towards other people. I also part of an awareness called “Reality Party” by saying that you can be not drunk while driving takes time off drinking. I ask all the people from the world, look both sides before you cross because you never know what can be your child or someone else child. Over 5000 people have been killed due to crossing the streets by looking both side will make a difference. As high school students, I want people to know to always look at their surrounding. Be safe.