Mute on your route

Connor R

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As I drive home I get a call.I was expecting a call from the local pizza place about the job opening there.They had expressed before that this was a highly sought after position and it wasn’t hard to see why.It was a five minute walk from school,the shift started right after school,not to mention the eighteen dollar per hour pay.Of course I answer,I wasn’t sure who it was but even the chance of losing that job was enough for me to pick up.However it didn’t matter who was calling,because in that split second it took answer I ran a light and got hit by another car from the side.I wouldn’t get that job,I wouldn’t get back home,and I would never see those who I loved again.This could have happened if I didn’t mute my phone before I started driving.According to many studies you are six times more likely to crash while talking on your cell phone,even when on bluetooth.Over one and a half million crashes per year in america are attributed to cell phones with over one third of them resulting in injuries or death.Whatever you do you should always separate yourself from your phone while driving.This could mean muting it,turning your phone off completely,or putting in a place you can reach from the front seat,such as the backseat or the glove compartment.