Evening Officer

Donald M

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Sometimes, the things that happen in our lives, the triumphs, the disasters, all happen to teach us a lesson. There’s a moral behind every story. This story made one kid learn a lesson real quick. It started pretty simple. Kid plays football for his high school team. Quarterback. Kid throws the winning touchdown. Kid and some other guys celebrate with drinks. Kid, very much drunk, drives home. Kid starts losing all focus, but can’t really comprehend the situation. Kid loses control of vehicle and crashes into a tree off the end of the road. There’s complete and utter silence. Everything is still… Then, there’s a light. A flash. The kid is riding in his car, intoxicated. He is speeding and a cop car pulls the kid over. The police speaks, “You want to tell me why in the hell you were driving 85 in a 35?” The Kid starts to laugh. Then yells. “Evening officer!”. The policeman arrest the kid for he knew he was driving under the influence. All of a sudden, it came rushing to the kid like a flood. He saw everything. The game. The ride. The crash. The fire. All of it. That night, he learned not to drive under the influence of alcohol. He knew what the consequences were because he lived through it, or so he thought. The kid was lucky enough that he was stopped by the police, cause it could’ve cost him more than a night in jail. It could’ve cost him his life. I think it’s more appropriate for alcohol to be sold to people not only at the right age, but at a certain time. It’s more dangerous to drive at night, and with alcohol makes it lethal. If we want to make a real impact in safe driving, maybe it’s not the car, but the influences brought in before driving it. Alcohol shouldn’t be sold at night, unless the person buying it plans on passing out in the store because it would be dangerous to go anywhere with it in their system. We should watch as to what we’re selling to our youth drivers, and when.