A Matter of Seconds

Emma F

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How long do you think it takes for a distracted driver to crash? According to statistics, it takes a mere 3 seconds for someone’s mind to wander from the thought of driving. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and just 3 of those can change the lives of the people you love. Circumstances can change in an instant, and sometimes, it can be deadly. Think of your mother, crying when the police officers come to deliver the news. Think of your father, who didn’t know that the hug that you all shared that morning, would be the last. Think of your siblings, who are lashing out on innocent people because they know that family game-night will never be the same. Think of your friends, whose grades are dropping because all that they can think about is you. Think of your aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, and every person that knew you, wishing that they had a time machine so they could just go back and relive their favorite memory of you – with you. A staggering 58% of crashes involving teens are caused by distracted driving. So here is my solution: the next time you are driving and find yourself wanting to turn the music up louder, or wanting to reply to that text message – don’t. Instead, think about how a senseless act that could be so easily prevented could affect everyone you love.