Greater Global Interconnectedness: A Solution to Reckless and Distracted Driving

Mehwish A

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BEFORE Maybe saying that it took just a second to happen seems cliché, but that is really what happened. One second, I was driving on a highway, on my way home from work just a few miles per hour above the posted speed limit. The sun had just set into the horizon, painting the sky a blueish-black. Then, my phone blinked on with a notification: a message from my wife. Claire: Are you- -Flashes of lights. Blaring horns. Screeching tires. Clinks of metal. Splashes of red. My car spun around, again and again. There was so much sound, so much of everything going on. I couldn’t comprehend anything fast enough; I had no idea what was going on. The last thing I remember seeing is the glass exploding. Some sort of black car part catapulted through my windshield, flinging shards of it into my eyes. It seems like a waste now. I never got to read the message anyway. SOLUTION: GREATER GLOBAL INTERCONNECTEDNESS Our world has already become interconnected through GPS systems, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Still, maybe it’s about time to take it another step further. As soon as we get into our cars, certain apps installed into our car’s systems could prevent us from using our phones during the ride by automatically activating “Do not Disturb” settings on all our devices. As well as this, different vehicles could also be interconnected with each other and to the road itself. They could be programmed to always maintain a safe radius of space between each other, keep their drivers from going above posted speed limits, and force them to follow other driving laws. Of course, it is more than possible to advice drivers of these tips and rules through more cost-effective and less technologically advanced methods, such as required driving classes. However, even while knowing the rules, human nature prevents us from always following them. Since no one is perfect, mistakes and bad decisions will continue occurring if complete control of the road is left to our judgement. Although this solution would likely take years of research, development, and testing to create, it will likely prevent many future injuries and deaths on the road once it’s implemented. AFTER I must admit, the night sky looks beautiful today. The stars are sprayed like splashes of light across the blue-black canvas above, and sparse grey clouds add the breathtaking diversity of texture to the whole scene. I love doing this, sitting in my backyard with Claire, my wife, with a cup of sweet late-night hot chocolate. Just us two, safe and sound in our own home with nothing to harm us. Just us two, gazing into the night sky and thankful for everything we have.