Reckless Driving

Mackenzie B

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Mackenzie Beach 09/22/2018 Reckless Driving Driving alone is dangerous enough but when you add reckless driving it is even worse. Reckless driving is caused when people don’t care about the law and they do whatever they want to do whenever and however they want. The way people drive nowadays can get people hurt, that is why you always need to be careful while you are driving. If you’re driving and you like showing off to your friends, not following the rules (speeding, not putting on your turn signal, etc.), being on your phone, this is all causes of reckless driving that could get people seriously hurt. People don’t understand that the way they drive, not only effects themselves, but everyone around them also. Many young drivers like showing off to impress friends, try to fit in, or to show they have something others may not. Showing your car off isn’t a bad thing until you make it a bad thing. While driving you must be mature enough to care about the safety of yourself and others. Reckless drivers don’t seem to like to follow the rules. To them they may not think it is reckless, but to others it is reckless. While driving people usually don’t think about the small things, when it’s the small things that matter the most. Others, don’t seem to care at all while driving. The cause of wrecks is usually because they weren’t following the law. An example would be, there is a driver that is driving the speed limit and a car comes up right on their tail speeding because they don’t want to go the speed limit and all of a sudden the car in front slams on its brakes and the car behind it doesn’t have enough time to come to a complete stop so they end up slamming into the back of them and hurting the both of them all because they didn’t want to go the speed limit. People get hurt when others don’t care enough or take time to follow the law. Cellphones play a big role in reckless driving. People just can’t seem to stay off them while driving. They get distracting because they hear or see it going off and feel the need to check it right then, rather than waiting until they are stopped. Using your phone for anything while driving could put you at risk to be in a wreck. When you do decide to check your phone even just for a second you could end up running off the road and you could get somebody hurt. There are multiple ways to for reckless driving to occur. It can be simply be solved by the drivers changing the way they drive for the safety of themselves and others. Reckless driving occurs daily not by just one person but by almost everyone somehow or another. It can easily be fixed people just have to stop showing off to people, quit driving carelessly, start following the law, and stop getting on their phones. Basically, following the law could make driving safer for everyone. People just have to be mature enough to make a change in what they do to make wrecks less common.