How I Lost My Best Friend

Katarina P

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She had barely gotten her license before the accident happened, all of last year we had learned what to do and what not to do while driving, and now more than ever my teacher’s statistics are stuck in my head. Him telling us the only thing worse than being under the influence was being distracted by our phones. ‘At least 1 in 4 of all car collisions involves phone use.’ ‘About 11 teens die every day in collisions.’ ‘About 4000 teens lose their lives in crashes each year.’. My friend, she’s one of the 4000 from this year, one of the 11 from the day she lost her life. She’s the one of four. She knew very well not to text and drive. Not to call and drive. I remember arriving at the hospital to see her there laying in that bed on the verge of death, her mother was sobbing while her father sat in a chair next to her bed holding her cold hand. I didn’t know what to do. I was going to lose her, and I did. That day she wasn’t texting her parents, she wasn’t texting me, she was texting the boy she’s been dating for three years. The moron who broke her heart four years prior. He didn’t even show up at the hospital, or at the funeral. He didn’t care that he was part of the reason her life was lost, if he hadn’t been texting her or if she hadn’t responded everything would have been fine. She would be here now, her parents wouldn’t have lost their baby girl, her little brother wouldn’t have lost the older sister he so greatly looked up to, and I wouldn’t have lost my best friend. You can’t avoid death once it’s too late but you can do so many things to prevent being put into the situation, as soon as she picked up the phone it was like calling death to come to kill her. Put the phones down, silence them, power them off. Whatever you do don’t answer that text or that call, if you really need to pull off into a parking lot somewhere close by, that’ll save you and someone else possibly from losing their life. We don’t need to text every second of every day. It can wait, and if it can’t there’s plenty of places to stop. So I’ll sit here now, next to my Best Friend’s grave, a text message killed her, and it kills so many people. I wish people would listen. ‘75% of fatal teen car crashes do not involve drugs or alcohol.’ in that 75% is phone use and other contributing factors. Don’t take their lives. Don’t take them from the people who love them, and if you know their driving, don’t text them.