Educate Enforce Evolve

Mariam G


One driver, two passengers, three beating hearts One distraction, two cars collide, three observers One 911 call, two fire trucks, three paramedics Families informed, families torn, families mourn It all started with one distraction that could have been prevented One distraction and worlds collide Two cars that were once, destroyed Three non-beating hearts All of which could have been prevented You never know what you have until its gone We always have a choice, we just have to make sure to choose the right one We as a community need to have our voices heard to prevent One driver from one distraction in order to put an end to distracted driving We have to remember that there is no rush and our life is more valuable One way to bring a halt to distracted driving is Educate drivers thoroughly prior to receiving their drivers license Enforce strict consequences upon violation Evolve as a nation without distracted drivers


As the number the car crashes increases, the number of deaths increase. We have to educate, enforce, and evolve as drivers in order to prevent distracted drivers. This cannot be done by one person, but rather a nation together.