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Rachel H

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If the call through Bluetooth feature were taken out of the cars that have them now, perhaps this would decrease the number of reckless and distracted drivers on the rood seeing as people are more likely to get into road accidents when using Blue tooth ear jacks. Prohibiting talking and music in the car, may seem extreme, but if it saves lives then that is good too. I once had a friend whose mom refused to listen to the radio, because she believed it would cause her to become a distracted driver. Now in the cause of a driver who is lacking in sleep, but wants to remain on the road, it is their own judgement call where they want to pull over at a motel or keep driving, just as it is a decision for those who drink one alcoholic drink and get behind the wheel it is that person’s own judgement call to continue driving after drinking every a singular drink of alcohol. In the end, it is up to the driver as to whether they are willing to give up their Blue tooth audio and have the desire to become a less distracted driver. If they choose not to then we will continue to have the problem of reckless and distracted drivers in the world.