The Last Few Seconds of Life

Krystal V

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After high school you’ll be left feeling alone. All of your friend’s life is beginning, they’ll soon leave you for college. Nothing ever stays the same. You and your friends are invited to a party and decided to carpool in two cars. You were assigned the designated driver, driving two of your friends and in the other Jeffrey with three more of your friends. Arriving at the party with nothing to do but feeling anxious you and your friends starts reminiscing about the past. You start to feel even more depressed as you know that the end of your friendship will soon fade away. You were quiet all night, you wanted to say something, to get it off of your chest but you couldn’t. Here, are your friends, your best friends since childhood till now. They’ve seen you and comforted you when you were feeling down but today of all days you didn’t want to show it. How much you’ll miss them once they walk out that door. You wished that it would have lasted longer but as your best friends starts walking out the door one by one you lose even more hope. Maybe it’s not meant to be. Jeffrey and your 3 friends decided to leave first. You can see them slowly driving away in reverse, the pair of blue fuzzy dice above the dashboard swaying back and forth as they back out of the driveway. You started to get up and walked towards the door but before you were out the door you saw that one of your friends forgot their wallet. Going over to get the wallet and reached for your phone in your back pocket. Bringing it close to your heart, you clutch it tightly as your hand start to shake. You slowly start to crumble, the warm tears flowing down your face and falling on the floor. You slowly tried to conceal those feelings once again and started to wipe your tears while trying not to ruin your makeup. As you recovered from the sudden segment you start making your way to the car. Getting into the driver’s seat. There was a few moments of silence as no one wanted to say anything. After a few tears were shed and an exchange of comforting words, you started the car. A few minutes later your friends fell asleep. Thinking to yourself in the silence you decided to ease your hand off the steering wheel to reach for your phone. Taking quick glances of the road you tried to grab your phone but instead you grabbed your friend’s wallet that was left at the party. Trying again you successfully got your phone. You start scrolling down the messages looking for your group chat. You wanted to tell your other friends carpooling in the other car that you wanted to talk to them later. But, before you could send your message, a car’s headlights starts flashing in front of you. Maybe you should have said what was on your mind before getting in the car. The last thing you remember was the flashing of lights and the horrible sound of breaking glass and the colliding of metal. And…a pair of blue fuzzy dice…Your life and your friends’ were intertwined all along.