Reanna T

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All you can hear is sirens all around you, you try to open your eyes, but you can’t no matter how hard you try. You try to think back to what led you here, what had happened today. You trace your thoughts all the way back to this morning, you remember stepping out of your house and getting into your car to go to school.You were obviously tired so you stop for your daily coffee. You start your car back up one hand on the wheel the other on your coffee, the drive to school is pretty quiet, not many cars on the road, so when you hear your phone buzz you think it’s safe to check it. Instead of putting down your coffee you let your knees steer the wheel while you pick up your phone.Its a text from your best friend asking you if you were at school yet. You take a sip of coffee as you go to text back that your driving there right now.But before you can hit send you hear a screeching sound and everything goes black. You want to rewind, to go and put your phone and coffee down. That your life is more valuable than any sip of coffee or random text. But as you go to try and open your eyes again, the sirens start to fade away, everything gets quieter and quieter until all there is surrounding you is silence and darkness.