The Lives We Take

Ria S

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7 billion people in the world. 7 billion smiles, 7 billion brains, 7 billion hearts. One car, all it takes is one car. One car can take away a life in a fraction of a second. We don’t see it coming, nobody sees it coming, but it happens, and one less smile, brain, and heart is on this earth. Sometimes, as humans, we get so caught up in the small details, like the “who” and the “when”, that we don’t stop and soak in the reality of our lives. Distractions like phones, people, and the smallest inconveniences make us so oblivious. Driving a car is a privilege, and if we can’t do as little as pay attention to where, and how we drive, we shouldn’t be able to drive in the first place. The second you check your phone is the second that your eyes are not on the road, and that is the second in which lives are lost. We owe it to our families and friends to drive safe, because when when their lives are at risk due to reckless driving, death won’t choose to avoid our loved ones. So please, for the 7 billions lives, drive safe.