reckless driving

lexie m

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I think that the way to stop reckless driving is hard to solve because of the many causes of reckless and distracted driving. But, if I had to offer one solution to this extremely dangerous problem, it would have to be the police enforcing traffic violation corrections more than then currently do and to . As things are now, and as a driver myself, I know the dangers of driving on the same street as a distracted driver and what want nothing else but to put an end to it. These distracted drivers are usually just checking phones or just not paying attention, and while driving, these basic and easy tasks become a lot more dangerous because of the moving vehicle at high speeds. These high speeds can cause a lot of damage which is why I think that if police were to enforce stricter measures for distracted drivers, people would think twice about doing what they did. Often times police will see small errors in road safety and ignore it or let them off with a warning. There have been many times that I have seen drivers on their phones and when police pass nothing happen. These small details like wearing headphones, not looking at the road, and many others may seem insignificant, but when you’re traveling at high speeds, especially on a highway, they can be the reason others, or you, lose your life. They should not be ignored by police and I think that we should increase punishment for these offenses. If police kept record of every traffic stop for these errors and someone were to constantly be pulled over for them, they should be punished. There would be a three-strike system, and after the third strike a punishment would be given. The punishments could be: community service, fines, and if they do not learn, jail time. If this were to be tested in a county before made nation-wide we could see if it would work, and it would give us time to adjust the punishments that would be implemented. There are many reasons why distracted drivers constantly allow themselves to be distracted, but them getting used to driving while on their phones has to be the biggest danger. They get used to texting and driving because they find no punishment for doing it because police see it as a small error. When they find the punishments however, they will think twice about driving with a phone or not paying attention.