Just a Normal Drive to School

Alex Y

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Just a normal day, you think. Just driving to school, you think. You’re so interested in what your best friend just posted on Instagram that you don’t realize the light turn red 100 feet in front of you. Either you press the “like” button and your life may change, or you look up and save yourself and others. You decide to press that one, simple, like button. You look up just enough to see a car screeching to a stop because you didn’t. Unfortunately, the other side never saw you coming and slams into the butt of your car, sending you spinning. You end up with a black eye and a bruised arm because of all the air bags and momentum. What you don’t know is that the windshield of the other car shattered and the nose of the car bent inward, closing in on the drivers legs just enough to make him stuck. He also received cuts and bruises because of it all. You jump out of the car and run to the other. You find the man and start to panic. You get out your phone with Instagram still up and dial 911. Ambulances arrive and pry open the door to get to the man. He ends up with glass cuts, bruises, and injured legs. The man is immediately rushed to the hospital. You are picking back up your phone to call a tow and a ride back to school. The man survives in the hospital, and you are forced to pay every bill. All because of the one, simple, “like” button. Stay smart, don’t drive distracted.