Never Enough

Emilie K

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Distracted driving, a concept that is constantly instilled into our minds with speaker, statistics, and real life stories of tragic events, but for many it’s a concept that doesn’t stick. Years before we get our license we are told don’t text and drive, always keep two hands on the wheel, keep both eyes on the road, but why should I listen to my elders? They don’t know what it’s like to miss the latest meme or be the last to like their friends photo, I’d rather keep my hands on my phone and eyes on the screen, in this world I know i’m loved. But you are loved out here in the real world, why risk your life to get your friends approval? In reality this is all to common of a issue. Teens think it’s not that big of a deal i’ll just check my phone real quick. But in all my time spent sitting in cars observing other drivers I know its more than that, everywhere I look people are texting. They’re so invested in their text or social media scrolling that they wouldn’t dare look up. They swerve back and forth on the road going into the gravel, they drive way to slow or way to fast, they don’t go when its a green light and ride the tails of those ahead of them. These are all traits of what many would call bad drivers, No matter what we say it’s never enough, It doesn’t seem like anything we say or show them will change their minds. This could all be prevented if people didn’t even have the choice to be on their cell phones. My idea to solve this problem would be to create a signal or sensor in every car like WiFi or an app that when you enter your car it disables the texting and social media functions of your phone. It can then automatically connect to your dashboard, in newer model vehicles to receive phone calls and use GPS. This way you can talk on the phone without actually using your phone in case of an emergency. I believe this would help because even if someone is tempted to go on their phone for a very unimportant reason they can’t, it’s not an option. No phone equals far less distraction.