Preventing Driving Distractions

Kayla T

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Preventing Driving Distractions Do you ever realize how powerful your actions on the road are? How can one mistake cost someone—including you—their life? If only you stopped in time to see that car in front of you, with your keen eyes looking in front rather than at a screen. If you only you had just ate your breakfast beforehand, so that you did not hit that poor pedestrian. If only you had done your makeup earlier, you would not have crashed into that tree. If only you had adjusted your vehicle settings, like turning on the air conditioner, increasing the volume of that new pop song and rolling the windows down, at rest rather than in motion, since you did not catch that car switching lanes. And if only you did not let your friend’s joke get the best out of you, you would have not collided into another car when you ran a red light. So be cautious. Distractions are everywhere, whether internal or external. And one second is enough for distractions to kill. So stay alert and be aware of your surroundings, please.