I’ll Take the Backseat, Please!

Zara R

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You have already oriented me above everyone and everything else. Your social life proceeds through me, calling and texting people with my service. You moderately listen to others while swiping your finger on my screen to catch up on the latest celebrity news. Now you want to make me superior to your own life too? Technological distractions have reached the best of you. You can use me at any time, whether it is at home on a boring day, at school during lunch, at a friend’s birthday party, but you have to know about every single event transpiring in the world at all times so it has led to this point. I would much rather prefer that you toss me in the backseat so I am out of your proximity, even at signal lights. Silence my ringer, because people who sincerely care about you will not be enraged with you for not being attentive to them at this time. I need a break too, after all! Keep your eyes glued to road, and have a look in all directions as if you are a mad caveman hunting for food. What you do not realize is that you may receive over a hundred hearts for the latest Instagram picture you posted while operating a vehicle, but you will break the hearts of your loved ones concurrently if you lose your battle to me.