Stop the Snapidemic

Izzy H



Snapchat is one of the most popular social media services among today’s teens. Between stories and group chats and maintaining “streaks” with friends, it’s no surprise that many are so addicted that they feel compelled to use it even while driving. It’s a photo-based app, so it’s arguably even more distracting than texting since one can’t even use a text-to-speech service like Siri to read out an picture. Some may find it hard to believe that teens go around taking pictures behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, but the Snapidemic (Snapchat epidemic) is a legitimate problem that certainly must be stopped. Both my visual and text are designed to be striking to the viewer because that’s the best way to get attention. The goal of my artwork is to encourage teens to think before they “snap” and to consider the dangers that come with that sort of poor decision-making.