Dear Slim, TJ is in the ICU

Andrew B

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As Slim drives along I-70 going 75 The rain taps the window The sky is grey, and while he drives “Thank you” by Dido plays through the stereo *Phone rings, Slim ignores. TJ leaves a voicemail* Dear Slim, I know you’re probably driving man. So here’s a voicemail you can check when you got a chance. There’s some roll racing going down off Huron and 144th. We’re all hoping you’re gonna bring the Porsche. I got $200 on Barefoot Ronnie. He’s racing Scott’s Civic, who he could probably beat walking. I hope you can make it, I know you’re skeptical. Of not racing at the track, but is life worth living if you don’t live a little? Anyways, call me back, let me know if you’re down. The race is gonna go down in about an hour. *Phone rings, Slim ignores. TJ leaves a voicemail* Hey Slim, it’s yo boy TJ. I’ll try to give you some leeway. But I dunno what’s taking you so long, geez man. It’s about time you get back to me, some races already happened. I lost my $200, which sucks, because Barefoot Ronnie. Got to the race and was beat by Scotty. There’s still a couple hours before the sun comes up, and people around here are starting to put up or shut up Man, everyone’s talking about how you’re a no show. You’d better show up to race Kyle, who has a blown 55 Chevy on 10.5 slicks. He’s so cocky he’s gonna Facetime his chick while he lines up against whoever brings five hundred bucks. It’s pocket change to him, you gotta drag this punk. Anyways, it’s getting loud, so I’ll let you go. Call me ASAP, this is TJ yo. *Phone rings 3 times, Slim ignores. TJ leaves a voicemail* Yo Slim, answer your phone man. Meet us at the hospital on 92nd and Sheridan. Kyle crashed in the 8th mile and his girl witnessed the whole thing from his phone, which when he crashed went fling. Anything can happen on the streets man, Kyle’s pretty messed up. We don’t know if he’s gonna make it out of the ICU but I guess I can’t blame you for not answering your phone while driving. One mistake, and Kyle is over here dying. You know, don’t even bother getting back to me, I don’t want you going through the same thing. Drive safely Slim, don’t text, and don’t drive recklessly. I’m done street racing, gonna sell my Pontiac. $1500 and a promise to never drive anywhere except the track. Or use your phone while driving, because even though it’s an automatic. You could still end up like Kyle, which granted he’s a maniac. But it can happen to anyone, driving is dangerous. People need to take it more seriously, because life is precious. Anyways, when you stop driving, call me back and let me know if you wanna buy a Pontiac. *Slim calls TJ. TJ doesn’t answer, Slim leaves a voicemail* Yo TJ, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner bro. I guess that’s what happens when you drive a manual Ford. You know I don’t street race, and that’s why. Kyle will be lucky to make it out the ICU alive. If you wanna go fast, go to the track. Don’t text and drive, and don’t slack off when you’re driving, cause it’s dangerous. Not many people realize how quickly things can go wrong. Anyways, keep me updated on Kyle, I hope he’s alright and once this makes the news I hope people don’t text and drive.