Head on thought

Kade G

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Imagine going home from a wrestling tournament in the middle of January, you had just turned 17 on the 1st of January. You are with your team, then you come over a hill/corner and see headlights coming towards you. And the car next to you. You can’t get out of the way and the person hit you and the car next to you head on. This is a reality for me. This really happened and it could have been avoided if the person wasn’t distracted and got on to a road going the wrong way. The accident killed a seventeen year old kid and his 40 year old father who were in the car next to our car. Those lives are gone forever, no more second chance, no more love, no more memories. The experience of being in a head on collision and seeing tragedy unfold in front of my eyes make me wonder what could be if the person wasn’t distracted. I beg of you the reader to never drive distracted, not only is your life at a higher risk of danger but everyone that is driving around you. Nothing in the world, and I mean nothing is more important that the well being of your self and others. Not even a meaningless text. Don’t drive distracted.