The Last Thing You’ll See

Coby M



The Last Thing You’ll See By Coby Mandell Give me closure, Before you’re gone. Stall the motor, Before your lost. Now we mourn in silence. ‘Cuz he’s looking down, To pick up the phone, But he doesn’t see, That you’ve crossed the road. Tried to stop the car, But it’s too late you’re already gone. It’s too late you’re already gone. And now the last thing you’ll see, Is the front of a car. The thought of losing a loved one to a distracted driver is terrifying and too common. I can only imagine the confusion, anger, and sadness felt by the friends and family of those lost. I tried to accurately display these emotions through the melody, dynamics, and lyrics of the song “The Last Thing You’ll See.” I hope that this song can inspire people to stay alert while driving and to think about the consequences of a momentary distraction.