A Letter From Above

Beyonce' J

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Dear Distracted Driver, I wanted to talk to you since that fateful day. I was only playing with my brother Alex, and I remember it was a bright Sunday morning. Alex and I were just playing soccer in our front yard, but then the ball rolled into the street. I didn’t want my brother to get hurt, so I looked both ways and went in to get it. That’s when it happened. My mother ran out in a effort to save me, but sadly it was too late. You didn’t see me in time to spare me. A few minutes passed, and there I lay motionless, breathless, and response less. My mom screamed and cried at the site. My father carried me into the house hoping his son was still alive. I could’ve been saved if you were paying attention to me, but now I’m no longer alive. My family is holding a funeral for me today. My parents mourn at the site of me lying dead in the casket. My parents can’t even tell my younger brother I’m dead, so he just thinks I’m sleeping. I see from the heavens my memorial, my parents cries, mourning my death in front of my dead eyes. Alas, this could’ve been avoided in so many ways. You could have been aware of your surroundings and not rocking to your music playlist. You could have focused on the road instead of daydreaming. I could’ve been alive and watch my brother grow up. All I can ask from you is not repeat the past. Please stay focused, be alert, and don’t daydream on the road because you can save more lives than loose lives. In an effort to save lives technology is becoming more advanced to make driving safer. For instance, some cars have automatic brake systems which stops when something or someone is behind you making the road safer and saving lives. Car technology is a great way to keep roads safe, but the problem that really needs to be improved are head-on collisions, car crashes, and vehicle fatalities. Sincerely, Lucas Garrison