Caroline C

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When all is said and all is done, teenagers will do anything they are told not to do and will not do anything they are told to do. Teenagers are more likely to do something if they see others around them doing that same thing. The question becomes not how do we prevent teenagers from texting and driving, but how do we get adults to stop texting and driving? Children are constantly absorbing information from others around them. The people they spend the most time with is their parents. If they are in the car and they see their parents texting or using their phone at all while driving, they are more likely to do so because they think it is safe. It is hypocritical for parents to punish their children for something they taught them. If we can impress into parents, families, teachers, and all adults that the things they do affect more than just themselves, they will be less inclined to do the things they reprimand their children for. Were parents to use their phones less as they drive, their children will be less likely to use their phone as well because the influence is no longer as prominent. It is also extremely important that parents talk to their children about these things. Often times, when a child is getting a car and/or their driver’s license, they want to do everything independently and they do not want their parents involved at all. However, it is extremely important for parents to remind their kids that texting while driving will not only affect their lives if they crash, but potentially the lives of others. Despite the fact that teenagers are not likely to listen to their parents, if they watch their parents and others in the car not texting they will be far less likely to do it themselves. It all starts with the influence.