Carolin R

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Four white crosses stand eerily along the road; constantly reminding the village of the tragedies that had occurred all of those years ago. Learning about the Oswego, Illinois 2007 car crash inspired me to find a solution to the overwhelming problem that is distracted driving; like simply just taking a short amount of time to stop, think, and feel out your actions. I expected to be bored during Oswego High School’s “Operation Impact” presentation. I thought that it was just going to be another program that would get me out of class for a couple of hours. However sitting through hours of dialogue struck me with the feeling of fear; I was fearful of an event like that happening to my family and friends. I felt sick to my stomach. The younger sister of one of the victims sat in front of me crying hysterically. I thought, “why do people do this? How can we make this stop?” I didn’t understand why people did not just simply take the time to think about other people when they get into that car. Snow crunching on the ground, teenagers laughing as the drug seeps deeper into their bloodstream. A friend will take the intoxicated group home; an adult. Soon they will be home, recovering from the hangover and laughing about their antics that Monday in homeroom. Until the warm blanket of their bed is ripped away from them and the cold winter air replaces it. For it is found that the drug had also discovered and romanced the adult. Sounds are muffled; only the mundane sounds of yelling and emergency vehicles can be heard now. Eyes are feeling like increasing dumbbells as the question, “why?” keeps arising. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? As their eyes fall slowly like the snow around them intertwining with their heartbeats. A thought can be generated and acted on in less than 150 milliseconds. It takes only 3 seconds after a driver’s attention has been diverted from the road for a crash to occur. Wait before you get into that car; stop for a second and breathe. Put your fingers on the side of your neck and listen;feel …Thump…Thump…Thump… That is a human life; that is your life. Your pulse is a constant reminder that you are alive, that you are a person. Don’t let what matters less overpower what matters more.