Madelein G


Looking around Tears falling to the floor Making promises It’s half past four I look at the rear view window I see a shattered light in you And I’ll never be the same Falling hard With a cold distraction Crashing, landing Shattered without fighting I try to slow the pain I broke them because of my vain But I will try to survive And I tried to survive But I couldn’t survive It’s all gone And I wish, I never looked down At the phone, I’d never Get this feeling of guilt and I’m falling, and crashing, and crying, and I… I needed her And now I’m trying to get home But now I’m stuck in this small room alone I shattered them I just needed her I shattered myself I won’t need you anymore


A girl is holding on for dear life as she is involved in a collision as a result of texting and driving at four thirty in the morning. She had a fight with her mother about going to a party and never coming home. She texted and promised her mother she would be home until the tragedy happened. The girl just wanted her mom to know she was coming home. A part of her just sees herself looking around at what she had done. She looks in the rearview mirror at herself, she is fighting to breathe. She is overwhelmed at her selfishness and her vain by not thinking about the other person involved because of her. All she wants and needs is her mother, even after she lied to her about a party. Her mother was only trying to protect her. At the end she passes away, saying that she won’t need her anymore. I can’t stress enough how important it is to drive focused and aware of you’re surroundings when you drive. Don’t text and drive. It won’t just be the worst day of your life, but someone else’s too.