Cell phone or You

Brianna D

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So what do you think is most important to you? You shouldn’t have to answer, I already know the answer. Your phone is what takes importance over everything, even if that means putting your life in danger. When your in a car you phone should be the least of your worries. That text can wait 5 or 15 minutes, that phone call can wait for a call back because the streets don’t wait for you. Why would you want to cause something that could impact your life forever? You could never walk again, never speak correctly, or even be here with the ones who love you the most. I understand technology is growing and changing and keeping up with it is everyone’s idea, but no one on the road does. Please don’t let your phone cause something that can easily be prevented. I have had many friends and family members get hurt because of stupid people on the road paying attention to their own social life than the life of others. Your life is the most important thing that you have and should value. 21% of teens that are involved in fatal car accidents is caused by their cell phone. Teens are 4x more likely than adults to get an a car accident regarding their cell phone. When teens pay more attention to their phone while driving their reaction time slows down. Teens are well aware of the results from texting and driving, but that doesn’t stop them from doing it. Please be the teen that stops this, make statistics go down.