Why You Are Not Successful!

Abesega B

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Most of the reasons we give in regards to the question “why are you not successful?” are wrong. The professor didn’t explain the assignment well, my boss was not cooperative enough, I was in a hurry so I had to drive faster, It’s a peer pressure that got me in to all this mess and on and on and on. Well, why don’t I tell you why are not successful in obeying the law regardless of your situation, or why you didn’t good grades on your assignments. It is not because of your boss or friend who continually suggested you to smoke those cigarettes and led you to become an addict. It’s not. This reasons might be a potential reasons for you to sneak out of the question that your heart and the people around ask but the are not powerful enough to override what I am about to reveal. The mind. Our mind is the most Important faculty of our brain that controls our daily activities. Taking control of our mind is taking control of our life. People that truly understand the power of the mind are the people who are successful in most cases. They don’t get up and eat whenever they carve something and add more pounds of stress in their body, rather they have the ability to say no and wait until its the right time to eat for they have developed self discipline somewhere in their life time. People of this kind don’t just quit their job because of that “bad” coworker who have the worst attitude in the world, instead they have the patience that can get them through the days until it’s the right time to leave that job or get promoted. This, I call it the power of the mind, a key to success and a door way to a better life. Now you know why you are not successful didn’t you?