To Tita.

Halle D

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For Tita A sunny day in April, we sat outside the gym. We braided her long flowy hair until the sun grew dim. We always laughed and had good times, she was super fun. I always made sure that she knew that I loved her a ton. A cloudy day in April, I picked up my phone. What my eyes read on the screen sent shivers through my bones. Her mom and her were driving home, it happened in a flash. Someone decided to send a text, it ended with a crash. I couldn’t seem to comprehend what was going on. How could someone so full of life suddenly be gone? I cried more than I ever have. I thought it was unfair. That because of one irrelevant text, she was no longer there I gathered up the strength, and I got in the car, Headed to her funeral, on my heart, a permanent scar. I mourned and cried and weeped for the lives i could not save. The last thing that I saw of her was the coffin by her grave. So before you pick up the phone while you’re behind the wheel, think of lives, lost forever, and the hearts that will never heal.