Drowsy Driving

Erica I

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You always want to make the right decision when you are driving. Unlike me, I made a terrible decision and have to live with that decision every day now. I don’t know what I was thinking when I did what I did. I do not know why I thought it was safe. Nobody should ever do what I had done. I did not get much sleep the night before but I had to get to work by 1:00pm. I only got at least two hours of sleep. When I woke up I was still tired so I had to huge cups of coffee. I started to feel a little more awake. So I decided that I would be fine to go to work. I step outside to get in my car to see that it is snowing. I didn’t think anything of it, but i realise i’m late for work as I get in my car. I drive quicker then I should in the snow. When I start getting closer to my job I start feeling tired again. I try to stay awake as best as I can. My eyes keep closing as I am forcing them open, But I go to open them up one last time and I can’t. I had fallen asleep at the wheel. There isn’t much that I remember after that, but all of a sudden I had woken up to a big loud crash. All of my airbags had gone off, there was blood coming from my head, and I couldn’t get out of my car I was stuck. All I could think was I hope I didn’t hit another person, and if I did I hope they are alright. I heard lots of mutter, I was stuck for in the car for a while. At one point a man and a police officer come up to me and ask what happen the only thing that was able to come out of mouth was “I fell asleep.” That’s all that I knew of what happened. The police officer and the man left I was left sitting in my car for another 20 minutes unable to do anything, the firemen and policemen would check on me every now and then updating me on what is happening. They told me that my car was stuck between the guardrail and the other car, the only way for them to get me out was for them to take the top off of my car. As they were working on getting me out they had taken the other two people from the other car to the hospital. I had felt so terrible for what I had done. 72,000 crashes are caused by drowsy driving. This story told was only one of the many. To prevent this and stay more aware of this situation there are many things we can do to stop it. If people are thinking about driving when they are tired they should maybe think twice. To prevent this people can take a quick nap before they drive, pull over to take a short quick nap, drive with a partner, and slow down and don’t rush places. There are also signs of drowsy driving. If you notice that you have difficulty focusing, or your eyelids get heavy pull over and take a break. If you notice that you are yawning continuously or rubbing your eyes then you may want to pull over and take a break. There are many other signs of drowsy driving including daydreaming, trouble remembering, trouble keeping your head up, drifting lanes, and feeling restless. If you notice any of those signs you should pull over and take a small short break/nap. (based on a true story)