‘Bye ‘Bye Baby

Karly G

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‘Bye ‘Bye Baby by Karly Gay There is a little girl on the way to her piano recital. She’s wearing a pretty white dress, and she’s so excited to perform. Her parents are in the car with her, her mom turns around to smile and pat her knee lovingly. Her parents are so proud of her. This little girl is full of light, life, and talent. She had so much to give the world, and so much ahead of her. There is a young man, all dressed up in a tux. He’s on his way to pick up his girl. They’re going to the prom. The corsage his mom helped him pick out lies on the passenger seat, right next to his phone. He’s the star of his high school track team. His coach says he has the legs to really go somewhere. But he’s running late today. His girl sends him a text, wondering where he is. He picks up the phone, looks down for a few seconds, and starts to assure his baby girl he’s on the way. It’s no big deal, he thinks, he’s texted while driving before and nothing bad had ever happened. The little girl is humming the tune to her piano piece, Brahms’s Lullaby. The little girl turns in her seat to look out the back window. She sees a car coming closer and closer, faster and faster. She gives a little scream when she realizes its going to hit her car. The young man looks up from his phone just in time to see the terrified face of a little girl. There’s a crash, and his world goes dark. He wakes up in a world of hurt. He’s still sitting in his car, now a twisted wreck. He looks down and sees that those prize legs of his are hopelessly mangled. It will be a miracle if he ever walks again, much less runs. But he’s the lucky one. Because of a five second text, there’s a little girl lying on the cold hard asphalt, her little white dress stained red. Not far from her lies a crushed corsage and a phone with a shattered screen and the word “baby” frozen forever on it. There is a teenage girl waiting for a date that won’t be taking her to prom. An empty stage with a lonely piano that a little girl will never perform on. Two sets of parents that will be crying for their children. Children who have become statistics. Statistics you might join. Don’t text and drive. Put away your phone. Don’t shatter your life and the lives of others. Ignoring your phone won’t be the end of the world. But answering a text just might be.