“See you soon”

Hannah S

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What more can society do? There are countless commercials, road signs, and technological solutions to stop texting while driving. Despite these efforts, parents still text and drive, which inevitably influences their children and the vicious cycle continues. Texting takes your eyes off the road for about 4 seconds. When driving at 55mph, this is almost the length of a football field. Imagine that. We are already inexperienced drivers, why are we putting ourselves at risk even more so? I don’t know about every other high school student, but I would like to survive past graduation. That is why I have pledged to never text and drive. I want all of my “See you soon” messages to actually be true. Although the temptation is hard, people need to reevaluate their decisions because each action has a consequence. Are you willing for your consequence to be death? If that does not motivate you, then think about the one person that loves you the most in the world. Do it for them. Don’t devastate their life just because you had to send that last emoji. Be safe kids.